Climate change is a reality that affects all of us. The main contribution to climate change is the use of fossil fuels.
Nations should subsidize development of renewable energy by redirecting subsidies that now go toward exploration, extraction, production, distribution, and supporting sales of fossil fuels.

The following points are the reasons why we should break free from fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy:
Emissions Must Be Radically Curtailed – Plans to reduce CO2 emissions to stop climate change will surely fail if nations half-heartedly pledge to reduce emissions while simultaneously providing financial support for the continued use of fossil fuels. Full-bore support for switching to renewable energy is needed and can be achieved only if subsidies are redirected.
Expanding Use of Renewable Energy Creates Jobs – Contrary to claims from some politicians who defend the fossil fuel industry, good jobs are being created quickly in places where use of renewable energy is being expanded. Germany is a good example.
Less National Security – Security decreases when climate change creates economic and political instability in nations around the world. For instance, a continuing drought in northern Africa and the Middle East has had serious destabilizing effects.
Health and Safety Consequences – Illnesses from polluted air and water, epidemics caused by spreading tropical diseases, killing heat waves, famines due to crop failures, and deaths during extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common.
Baked-in Disasters in Coastal Areas – Present levels of CO2 will persist for many years, causing inevitable sea level rise from global warming and increasingly massive losses to property in coastal areas where the largest populations live and work.
A Very Bad Deal – If fossil fuel company executives succeed in protecting profits of their companies by slowing development of renewable energy, the cost of their actions will be paid in suffering by countless future generations.
Please join people around the world to demand that national governments redirect fossil fuel subsidies to support development of renewable energy.
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