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Who is Ohno, and why do they need saving?

Great question! Ohno is your grandchild who lives in the year 2100, in the world that we are creating today. Right now things aren’t looking good for Ohno - climate change, toxins, land use and other issues are serious problems. With SaveOhno you can take sustainability actions today to save Ohno and the rest of us in the future.

Can I really make a difference?

Yes, yes, and triple yes! We strongly believe that your actions matter, and that by trying out some new behaviors - like eating vegetarian meals or simply speaking up - you can have a deep and lasting impact. Feel the energy that comes with making a difference and see results when you take action with thousands of others. SaveOhno participants save tons of emissions, influence their peers, and lay the foundations for even larger changes.

Are there enough of us?

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt. A clear majority of Americans understand that climate and other sustainability issues are a problem, and they are willing to act. Our partners at the Yale Center for Climate Communication have proven this time and again with national and global surveys. But, beyond a small core of committed ‘greens’ the wider majority haven’t known what to do and how to get involved. So SaveOhno is designed to make it simple, stimulating and fun for that group to get involved and make a difference. There *are* plenty of us, we just need to get busy, and SaveOhno can make that happen.


Why do you need my email address?

Your logon ID is your college email address, so we can be sure that we award your points to you and to your team. We do not want your personal email address. We also do not publish, distribute or otherwise reveal email addresses. Please be aware that many colleges do provide an online and public email directory of all students, faculty and administration anyway, but we are not an additional source broadcasting that information. We need your email to verify your entry into your college’s program, and to keep you in the loop as the program progresses.

Is my data safe on SaveOhno?

Our site uses a secure SSL encryption system to protect your account and perform all webpage, stylesheet, script, and image calls securely through your browser.

Do you publish my actions?

We encourage sharing actions as creating change is the purpose of SaveOhno, but we only publish details of your actions if you tell us we can. When you take an action a checkbox (unchecked by default) lets you publish your action and any photos to the community feed. If you leave the box unchecked we won’t share details or photos, but will just post the category of action you took in the Recent Activity feed. Petition signatures are public acts of personal backing and are only effective if they are verifiable. Therefore we do reserve the right to: 1) send your signature to Change.org, and 2) provide your name and postal code to the petition creator to verify that signatures are from real people.

Why does SaveOhno use cookies?

SaveOhno needs cookies to keep you signed in from page-to-page, day-to-day, otherwise, you’d have to sign in every time you took an action. You have full control over whether the cookies are stored or get deleted, and we do not use them for any other purposes than storing your user session. We do not distribute or publish any of the usage data from your cookies, and we do not allow access to any third parties with the exceptions of: 1) the industry-standard anonymized web analytics platform: Google Analytics, and 2) Facebook Login for its industry-standard authentication system (a.k.a. Log in with Facebook).


Is there a lot of work for the Sustainability Office?

No. SaveOhno and a few student leaders are all that’s needed to run the competition. We are delighted if the Sustainability Office wants to get involved, promote, adapt, and expand the competition, but this is not essential. We will report on how well your initiatives are going.

What do student leaders do?

Two things: 1) Promote the competition and enroll teams of students 2) Customize the competition to include your college events and programs SaveOhno provides support and constant guidance to help you be successful. All steps are laid out in a manual, and can be executed by 2 or more students.

Can I include my really cool sustainability idea?

Yes. If it can be completed within a few weeks, it can almost certainly be added to the SaveOhno competition at your college. It is easy to add your actions to the program, and we will make sure that it fits in with the competition overall.

Can I still do this without an existing set of sustainability activities?

Yes. SaveOhno has an engaging and interesting competition ready to launch. If you have them, your own initiatives will make it more personal, relevant, and fun. We will combine the two.

Will students really want to do this?

Yes. We offer prizes to attract even the least-sustainable students. Once engaged, students learn and act themselves into greater sustainability. We have a record of the *least* motivated students with no background in sustainability taking strong actions, and transforming their understanding.

Is it still my college’s program?

Yes. We are here to support you and make your program, and your sustainability initiatives a success. We bring our expertise on competitions to support your sustainability efforts.

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