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SaveOhno.org is a social venture started by a Babson College student who saw a gap between public opinion on climate change and public action on climate change. Millions of Americans understand the severity and urgency of the issue yet don’t take action themselves. SaveOhno was founded to solve this. What if activism wasn’t a clawing effort of the few, but a united, sweeping effort of the many? This can only be possible if activism fits into the everyday life of the many without compromising what they already have and do. SaveOhno.org was created to make this possible.

In addition, what if taking action on the causes you care about was as easy and fun as playing a game, or going on Facebook? SaveOhno expanded beyond climate change to the environment as a whole, with plans to expand to all societal issues in the future for this very reason. We want to put you in the driver’s seat of your own life, by providing you with the opportunities and communities necessary to create change without completely disrupting your lifestyle.


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Hello Tomorrow - Science-based Startups Changing the World

Top 500 out of 3000 worldwide

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Babson College Lewis Institute

Social Impact Award 2016

Lewis social impact

Babson College BETA Challenge

Semifinalist 2016

Beta semifinalist

MIT Climate CoLab - Shifting Attitudes & Behavior Contest

Judge's Choice Award 2015

Colab shifting behavior

MIT Climate CoLab - Global Climate Action Plan Contest

Popular Choice Award 2015

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