Wellesley neighbors: Let’s join the 18 towns in Massachusetts that have banned single-use check-out plastic bags!

At Annual Town Meeting on March 28th, 2016, Wellesley Town Meeting Members will vote on whether to join towns such as Newton, Brookline, and Cambridge in banning single-use plastic check-out bags. The Wellesley Natural Resources Commission is proposing a bag ban to help keep harmful plastic out of our parks and conservation land,
keep plastic bags from clogging storm drains and waterways,
protect marine animals and other wildlife.

We, the members and supporters of Sustainable Wellesley, believe that reducing plastic litter will benefit everyone in our community. Please sign our petition to show your support for the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission's proposal for a bylaw to limit distribution of single-use plastic check-out bags (not including produce bags) and to request that Town Meeting Members vote in favor of the bylaw at Annual Town Meeting on March 28th, 2016.