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Did you know that as a US college student, you can register to vote in your home state or in where your school is? As long as you don't actually vote in both, you can choose.
Read more about it here.

Not a US citizen? Let us know and we'll work out a way you can get your points - email quentin@saveohno.org

Why register? We represent a huge voting bloc that can and does swing elections. We are the most diverse generation yet. We are passionate about the issues and we give our time to causes we care about and issues that inspire us.

Register to vote at https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/.

Then upload a screenshot of your browser confirming your registration. This is important, which is why it is BIG points....

If you don't want to share your registration on the public community feed (it will still show once in the verification feed) be sure that box is unchecked.

P.S. SaveOhno will "go dark" around noon on Sunday. The Leaderboard will go away until after the competition is complete on Monday night (11:59 PM). We know you care about who "wins", and that's good. It's also good to focus on what is actually getting done, and what we can do to SaveOhno. Look out for more actions to complete before it is all over. Good luck!


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Action: 'Upload a screenshot or photo of your registration. Edit out details you don't wish to share.'



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Dylan Husted

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