Global warming

Dear President Obama,

During all your years of public service, you were an advocate for collaboration among government agencies to achieve large goals. Now, as a private citizen, please become an advocate for nonprofit organizations to collaborate to achieve the largest and most important goal ever to challenge humanity. That goal is to keep global warming from making Earth unlivable.

Global climate change is happening and should be a top priority for action by every person and every organization on the planet. However, nation-states are constituted to compete more than they are constituted to cooperate for the benefit of the entire planet.

By contrast, a large number of nonprofit organizations are constituted in their charters to cooperate and collaborate for the good of all humanity and the planet. That said, they need to be motivated to collaborate much more than they are now doing.

We are now losing the war against climate change. Mr. Obama, we call on you to advocate for greater collaboration among nonprofits. That action will be impactful. The two steps outlined at are quick, easy, cost-free, and risk-free.

Learn more about A NEW CHARTER FOR COLLABORATION for solving the Climate Change Problem at
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