Mr President,

Climate change is a real and present danger to our planet, including the United States.

With the mounting threats that climate change poses to our communities and our economy, it's clear that the US government must continue to work to find lasting solutions rather than repealing existing US climate strategies without providing a replacement.

Rolling back US efforts to cut carbon pollution not only harms the futures of our children and grandchildren - it undercuts our ability to compete in the massive growth in demand for renewable energy around the world. Right now there are more American jobs in renewable energy and efficiency than in all fossil fuels combined. We need to build the US economy around a sustainable future.

All other nations are committed to acting together for a healthier world. International cooperation is pivotal for a thriving American economy, and it’s also crucial to the future of our planet – one that can provide the clean air, freshwater, and healthy forests that people and businesses need to thrive.

I strongly urge you to keep the current Climate Action Plan or develop a clear and effective plan of your own to honor our international commitments, meet your legal obligations under the Clean Air Act, and solve the climate crisis that is threatening our future.