Did you know that forest destruction is the fourth biggest contributor to climate change worldwide? At the heart of the issue is Conflict Palm Oil. We’ve been fighting Conflict Palm Oil production for years because of the impacts on human rights and endangered species. The fight for rainforests is a fight for our climate too.

This is the second month of our Climate Year of Action , because it’s urgent that we act on climate now.

Take Action Now!

For us to truly have a healthy climate we must keep fossil fuels in the ground AND maintain healthy forests. To keep our forests healthy, not only do we need to stop deforestation but we also need to protect the carbon rich soil that’s below these forests. We can do that by pressuring the same companies we’re fighting about palm oil.

When palm oil producers burn old growth forests to make room for plantations, they’re also releasing all of the carbon from thousands of years of forest growth into the atmosphere. As if CO2 from burning fossil fuels wasn’t enough, we’re destroying the climate from so many different angles.

If we’re truly going to rise to the occasion of fighting climate change, we must fight all of its causes, and we must fight together.

We need rainforests for so many reasons, and we MUST act to protect them for our climate too.

For both healthy forests and a healthy climate,