Department of the Interior is expediting the first-ever Big Oil drilling project in the Arctic Ocean right off the Alaskan coast. And it’s trying to proceed despite the disastrous climate report released by Trump’s own administration less than a month ago.

If this plan succeeds, it would put birds, polar bears, and other Arctic wildlife in harm’s way. A spill could release more than 4.6 million barrels of oil -- with little hope of successful cleanup. And drilling in the Arctic would have huge impacts on local communities who are already facing some of the first and worst impacts of climate change.

There’s absolutely no reason to pursue such a dangerous plan in such a sensitive area. The Arctic Refuge is the largest national wildlife refuge in the United States -- it must be protected. The irreversible damage to this fragile ecosystem could be prevented -- but we need your help.

Tell DOI to revoke its approval of Hilcorp’s destructive drilling project NOW!

The Department of the Interior should protect our nation’s public lands and their animal inhabitants, not open them up to destruction from Big Oil's drilling. But with Ryan Zinke in charge, it seems DOI is more focused on helping Big Oil make more profits.

This project would involve building a 9-acre artificial island close to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Opening the Arctic Refuge to drilling is bad for people and the environment. It would devastate the wildlife and threaten local communities with oil spills. This is one of the last truly wild places in the U.S., and the ecosystem is fragile. Trump and Zinke are putting all of that a risk by approving this destructive project.

We know how this project will end: irreversible damage to this fragile yet pristine ecosystem, all for the sake of corporate profit. You can help stop this from happening -- but you have to speak up now!

Help send 40,000 comments to the Department of the Interior: Demand that it block this risky oil island in the Arctic Refuge!

Drilling near the Arctic Refuge is already a horrible idea, and Hilcorp is a horrible company to have the first shot at doing so. Hilcorp’s environmental record is abysmal. Just last year an Alaskan pipeline in the Cook Inlet -- owned and operated by Hilcorp -- leaked for over four months. This disaster released approximately 200,000 cubic feet of natural gas into the inlet every day.

What’s more, the company is responsible for a spill in the Gulf of Mexico that caused 850 gallons of crude oil to spew from an abandoned wellhead. And if that wasn’t enough, Hilcorp is the most heavily fined oil company in Alaska in recent years for various reasons, including endangering its own workers. It is imperative that this project is stopped -- people, the planet, and wildlife are all at stake.

Trump and his administration have made it very clear they don’t care about people or the planet -- just Big Oil and other corporations. He and his cesspool of climate change deniers continuously ignore the current climate catastrophe to line their own pockets. But after engaged Friends of the Earth members and activists have spoken up in the past, you’ve convinced even the Trump administration to stop its extreme anti-environmental plans. Now, we need your help to do it again.

Take action NOW: Demand the Department of the Interior protect the Arctic from Hilcorp’s dangerous oil island!

Standing with you,
Nicole Ghio,
Senior fossil fuels program manager,
Friends of the Earth